Great My Husband Is My Favorite Pain In The Ass shirt

You love your hunsband very much, then let’s buy this My Husband Is My Favorite Pain In The Ass shirt to show your love to your husband. “My husband is thoughtful in that he thinks ahead and does things that will make my life easier. It always surprises me too because I am so not used to this. When he sees articles in a magazine or in the newspaper that he thinks I will be interested in, he saves them or rips them out to show to me later. It makes me feel good that he is thinking of me even when we are apart for work, travel, etc. He makes the coffee every morning and doesn’t mind that I sleep till 8:15 a.m. even though he gets up an hour earlier every morning. He is nice to my relatives, in a genuine way, not in the obligatory way that some husbands are. He is even thoughtful toward my parents and calls them on his own sometimes just to talk and check in with them, see if they need anything, etc.He treats me to my favorite things when I am not expecting them…a gift card to my favorite coffee spot just because he knows I love their coffee, a subscription to a magazine he knows I like”

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